But 99.9% sure you won't be gaming or doing stresstest @2000MHz with only 0.7mV on the core. After you run the stress test for about 30 minutes you can pick out the average voltage and the average GPU clock that is recorded. Does MSI gaming trio has better memory cooling? Normal most people settle 0.8v on 1800mhz 1815mhz metro exodus stable. I guess not. Will post then. NCSGeek 2016-2023 minerstat O. 1800MHz at 800mV is a good undervolt IMO! ASUS Maximus XI Extreme: Z390 with all the things! Started 39 minutes ago But first a few words about the settings and the models: The card runs in the Performance BIOS with 370 Watt and delivery state. If i go lower like 1850 for 0.8 will I lose a lot of performances? The heaviest settings possible NiceHash is the leading platform for mining and trading cryptocurrencies. 1 Join millions of miners worldwide at www.nicehash.com Everything crypto in one place. Temp is not quite accurate because I run the benchmark from idle. Watch a Video on youtube how to use msi afterburner and how to lock your clock speed, here are my settings for my 3090 msi suprim x clock locked to 1155mhz memory overclocked to 10802mhz volt 725mV temp GPU 49 C temp memory junction 94 to 98C power limit 72 % fan speed 85% driver 461.40 = power draw 300W 122.41 MH/s just play around it could be This test was carried out with stock settings i.e no undervolt etc - You can see a few things: Thing is, constantly hitting that hotspot high can slowly damage your card. So we save almost 40 watts! I am hitting 3700rpm and the fan speeds stay there once ramped up. But 99.9% sure you won't be gaming or doing stresstest @2000MHz with only 0.7mV on the core. For a few generations of GPUs now the GPUs have no longer been running with a set clockspeed instead boosting to a higher clockspeed that is partly determined by power target limit and temperatures. We of course do not want this so now it is time to create a better curve that will allow the card to clock down but still not go over the set voltage. JavaScript is disabled. 24deg. hey guys, what are good Pure RT and superposition settings to test undervolts? My system at the time of benchmark: 8700K @4.3GHz, 32GB 3600MHz CL16 RAM, no Resizeable BAR (my motherboard does not support it). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 5900x | 32GB CL14 3600 | 3080 Trio X WC'd | Custom Loop | x570. How do you know? Gonna keep sneaking it down a little more. You may be able to hit 2000MHz using only 0.7mV while mining. Lets see if it works and we can beat the stock card! Like i say i think ive missed my chance to get a card out of this batch due to changing my order. Summarized here again: 1750Mhz in the Curve-Editor result in real 1785Mhz after the heating phase (think of the offset I already described by the P-States!) Like I said (I'm not 100% on this) but anything over around 0.83 volts and the card will try and use the full 350 watts, on the FE anyway. basically, anything over 0.83 volts will not save you any power and heat in games that use full raytracing. Also, just for info: my 3090 was perfectly stable at 1800MHz@850mV but after started playing games with Ray Tracing like Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition and Control I learned that my 3090 wasn't stable at all. The RTX 3090 should have like 125Mh/s on the algorithm DaggerHashimoto. When will have new version support Ampere GPU? Certain. And yes, I think that when full on ray tracing is in effect the card will still draw what it 'needs' in terms of wattage, up to a certain point. I started mining few days ago and i'm looking for ways to maximaze performance/safe/profit ratios. about. Yes, slight undervolt and overclock on my zotac 3090 - 0.95v and 2050mhz I think. Some also say that the cooler also keeps the VRAM cooler (which causes the GPU to run a tad hotter), but I see the same overall 94C for the VRAM too. I have99.5% frame rate stability with my current undervolt. Picture is from Optimum Techs video on YouTube. See my photo for benchmark result: Aha that might be it, then. Articles, Guides, Reviews & Articles, Video Cards/Graphics Cards Im quite concerned by temps. Need to check on the weekend. Kingpin bios force the card to run regardless the voltage. I've had to go with 1900 @ 850 with this CPU. So at a higher RPM, the GPU is a bit hotter than your Strix, but the RAM is considerably cooler (real gaming could push things higher, specially if I need to bump the voltage for stability). Great settings. A standard RTX 3090 Ti sports a thermal design power (TDP) of 450W, with some Nvidia board partners outfitting their custom RTX 3090 Ti models with a TDP exceeding 500W. System sudden fails when I run game or open high resolution image. The setting is Rockstable. And will definitely see what I can achieve in terms of temps and power, dropping the curve further. Obviously, we can use a more aggressive preset for more performance when we want to. Feels like golden sample. Sign up for a new account in our community. The actual values can differ between cards. I have one profile set for 1770 at 775mv for mining and one set at 1980 at 925mv for gaming. - Lower power bill (like anyone really cares). rkunati Nvidia RTX 3060 Overclock. The memory clock is always between 700-1400. Currently my specs are: [122-123mhz] +1375 Mem, +0 core, 90% PL, Auto fan speed usually hovers 90%. On 2/19/2021 at 4:45 AM, BetteBalterZen said: On 3/1/2021 at 1:34 AM, BetteBalterZen said: Pure RayTracing benchmark by MARvizer (itch.io), Upgrading from my very outdated gaming laptop. I haven't tried overclocking the card, I just want good quiet performance I've played it on both 3070 FE and now 3090 FE - The game is a beast, I only get around 40FPS average, your card is just working very hard. I can only hit 2190 at 1.17v in game I see other chip can do 2225 at stock voltage. The bloody afterburner voltage adjustment was a bit of a pain, it has a mind if its own. Started 28 minutes ago I know is not the best model however I am planning to install a waterblock in the future anyway so wasn't too interested in paying more for better air coolers/heat sink. Thanks! Brian from Tech Yes City on . Press J to jump to the feed. The RTX 3090 Ti hashrate is 135 MH/s on the Dagger Hashimoto-based miner. What about mem clock? Freq - 1845 ; Temp 65c ; 60.4fps, Afterburner: 1845MHz@850mV / PR Scr 13,042 / Avg. You are using an out of date browser. It also has a higher base clock speed, which means it can mine faster. Also, just for info: my 3090 was perfectly stable at 1800MHz@850mV but after started playing games with Ray Tracing like Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition and Control I learned that my 3090 wasn't stable at all. Just a note, my card is mounted vertical/aircooled so probably not efficient as it should be. Due to the demand I have pressed the whole thing once again in tables, so that you have summarized everything clearly at a glance. I have the voltage capped at 875mV which is about around 10% less voltage than stock and the core clock locked at 1950Mhz. This Subreddit is community run and does not represent NVIDIA in any capacity unless specified. In game mine clocks to 2025mhz with these settings. I set to 0.7v then card will run at 0.7v regardless any software. Features: And Time spy score is 19450 vs stock 19900 . 133xx PR. You may be able to hit 2000MHz using only 0.7mV while mining. williamcll Hello! So I kept 1755mhz 0.8v with 1050mhz x2 overclocked memory to 21.6ghz . For reference [ here is my system: These fans are running at 1000w-1200w . From what I've read you can set the voltage around 800 - 900 mV for the RTC 3080 and 750 - 800 mV for the RTX 3090. Your chip is crazy stable. With these I'm getting 122 MH/s at 314 W using excavator. Make sure to use mining client that support 100% unlock. Even when you're undervolting. My chip is just normal, I think most 3090 can do it. The RTX 3090 Ti provides 66 Mh/s hashrate on RVN with a power consumption of 446 watts. Mining monitoring and management software for your Windows GPU rigs. Also remember that just because we could undervolt our cards to a certain setting does not mean your card will work the same. Some also say that the cooler also keeps the VRAM cooler (which causes the GPU to run a tad hotter), but I see the same overall 94C for the VRAM too. 1920 @850mV sounds really good man! Editor-in-chief and name-giver of igor'sLAB as the content successor of Tom's Hardware Germany, whose license was returned in June 2019 in order to better meet the qualitative demands of web content and challenges of new media such as YouTube with its own channel. Otherwise, the default setting will run the card in around 120 watts. I will report back with results. Oh and btw; can't you just send the FTW3 back and get a refund? As you can see in my screenshot, my card settled at 1875MHz @1.069V, with 460 Watt peaks: My card is draw 290w as you can see because I using kp 1000w bios. But at idle, the volt is as low as 0.7mV, like your undervolt. In some scenarios that generate very little load, the card remains below the 330 watt limit, especially in lower resolutions. We save here compared to the Gigabyte @Stock 85 watts and compared to the standard setting of the TUF 65 watts at least! Core clock ( Locked) : 1300 Mhz Memory clock: +800 Mhz Power limit: 78% Temp limit: 65 C Fan Speed: 75% How to UnderVolt your GPU? But we want less consumption with more or at least the same power! Keep in mind this is on a msi gaming x trio with dedicated memory cooling heat pipes. Remember that you take full responsibility when messing with your card. Fan speed is set to 74, 1583rpm for all benchmarks. When you open up MSI Afterburner strike CTRL+F in order to open the Frequency/Voltage Curve Editor displayed in the window on the right in the image above. GeForce RTX 3080 20 GB and RTX 3070 16 GB as possible answer to AMD, 32 GB DDR4 Patriot Viper (SK Hynix) @ 3800MHz CL 18/19/21/34 1T, ASUS TUF Gaming RTX 3090, Gigabyte RTX 3090 Gaming OC, Sound card, 2x BD burner, 280 radiator for CPU, 5 case fans (4x 140mm 1x 80mm). I dont want fans at 100% and memory junction temperature 104 or lower is a must. Keeping my fingers crossed. As you can see the whole curve is now further down. The full rules can be found under the 'Terms and Rules' link in the bottom right corner of your screen. Posted in CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory, By For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Started 40 minutes ago I am going to try changing my MSI 3090 voltage to .75mV and see where that leads me. Well, my card is around 35c at idle too, so it's kinda close. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. When it arrives i will be particularly interested to find out how it performs next to the TUF version. Actually its quite good temps for this type of card. In order to make all of this a bit more interesting, the Gigabyte and the Asus card compete against each other in undervolting this time, and that in each case representatively in variant 1 lower the power limit and simultaneously overclock and variant 2 fixed voltage and clock. I saw many people to change rtx 3090s 4x but gained silicon lottery on same volts 30-45mhz yeah not good. Started 42 minutes ago The card combines NVIDIA's top-dog RTX 3090 GPU with 24 GB of GDDR6X memory, the latest IceStorm 2.0 cooling solution, and Spectra 2 ARGB illumination. Started 1 minute ago I didn't think this was possible. I guess I'll re-sell it with a smaller profit than it could net me sealed. It's easy! That just seems unrealistic but I'd love to be wrong haha. The Nvidia 3000 series cards tend to have high memory temperatures, so it is important to take care of proper cooling. Testing RTX 3090 - Undervolting, Underclocking and Lowering GDDR6X Temps Humble Hardware with JimRPG 15.7K subscribers Subscribe 9.4K views 1 year ago Make sure to check Part 1 of this video (. RebuffedBee9595 February 13, 2022, 11:15am #8. For PC cases with good cooling performance it's not that big deal, just question did you please checked actual mhz in games ? ZOTAC also offers an industry-leading 5-year warranty subject to product registration. Connecting PCIe cables to GPU whilst PC is running ? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Vinicio The problem is the stock vbios don't let you go that high, I mining at 2000 is fine. I choose first to set the voltage to 825 mV. Hi I have rtx 3090 Msi Suprim X, bought in April 2021. Maybe all FE are binned. Also, it says "mem: 1218 MHz" - is the memory downclocked a lot? Unfortunately my GPU just isn't stable at 800mV near the 1800MHz core clocks, especially not when RT cores are used at the same time. Tweaking the curve a bit brings it to 82-83C at a slower fan curve that I find comparable noise wise to the TUF's stock one. Posted in Troubleshooting, By Low rpm and temps with vsync off in heavy games Metro Exodus, Witcher 3 up to 75 degrees - after 1hour of gaming, room temp. Bonesareawesome I seem to be stable but not wanting to run into problems when ray tracing is introduced. Still trying to find optimal settings for my X suprim, so far I am most happy with 725mv / 1350mhz, + 500 memory. Select the volate and frequency you decided on. Silent Base 600 - Window / HP Pavilion, Panasonic SA-PMX94 / Realtek onboard + B&O speaker system / Harman Kardon Go + Play / Logitech G533, Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 750W / Powerbrick, Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Laser wireless / Logitech M330 wireless, RAPOO E9270P Black 5GHz wireless / HP backlit, Cinebench R23 (Single Core) 1936 @ stock I really have a hard time believing that. October 24, 2020 limit. Linus Media Group is not associated with these services. It made overclocking a piece of cake without the inherent base activity. Follow Igor: So I just settled in with 850mV and 1815MHz. I was happy with the TUF and didn't know it. You have already briefly seen the values of the TUF 3090. If my GPU was able to do that, I would use that setting. Anyhow mine card in Metro Exodus Enhanced is stable at: Normal non RT games, Time Spy & Cyberpunk, Control are stable 30-45mhz higher then Metro Exodus stable clocks & undervolt. Does it matter where you start from, like how much you bring the slider down before selecting your mV/freq? The memory also gets +650Mhz as in the gigabyte, we leave some room for the maximum overclocking value to preserve the components. Anyhow great cards for hot box PC CASES I recommend 0.8v really even with lost mhz no prob. This is probably why my score is higher than yours. Posted in Graphics Cards, By But wauw. It only updates when there is an update, not immediately. Also, if your undervolt settings is just enough unstable to drop a frame or two in total under the full run, that could lower the score aswell of course. Going back all the way to the 780, I remember finding the highest stable core and the highest stable memory and the highest fps i got was by backing down each maybe a third of they way back to "in da box' settings. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. You're welcome That is a proud 100Watt less than the delivery condition! I also noticed that by default the card sets the target temperature internally to be 70C despite a temperature threshold being set in MSI Afterburner. Started 28 minutes ago The use of all POSCAPs on the rear of the card, behind the CPU. Freq -1864? Summarized here again: 1750Mhz in the Curve-Editor result in real 1785Mhz after the heating phase (think of the offset I already described by the P-States!) Though it might not be the most economical option in the world when taking into consideration the enormous TDP of the card. When you find the voltage/frequency you like it is time to test with some games just to make sure that you get a good result. Mine is a tad lower but I left the GPU fans on auto, with the latest Resizable BAR BIOS, and I also have an air-cooled 5950X on stock. 3090 Ti MeowCoin Mining Setting The RTX 3090 Ti provides 66 Mh/s hashrate on MEWC with a power consumption of 450 watts. We already know that you can lower the power limit, so far, so boring. Just don't mention competitors in any way, shape or form and you'll be OK. JavaScript is disabled. But isnt the Kingpin vBIOS like hidden from the public? Use minerstat and start mining with your Nvidia RTX 3090. Next it is time to start up MSI Afterburner. Apply the curve using the apply button on the main afterburner window. Posted in General Discussion, By 3DMark: I used the stresstest feature to test my settings, Bright Memory: Infinite Ray Tracing Benchmark from Steam: this was also used to test the stability of my settings. I've heard people get slightly better scores with custom 12pin cables and no adapter, I'm receiving a custom cable soon will check whether it makes a difference. Open voltage/frequency curve (Ctrl+F) then note the maximum frequency at the right of the curve. Believe it or not, today I got my hands on a 3090 FTW3 Ultra and I gotta say I'm disappointed. but I don't really know how to do so and i'd love some help. I use evc2 to lock vcore at 0.7v. My 3090 is stable at 1815MHz with 850mV and the result is good - very, very quiet(low RPM)while gaming and after many hours my GPU will occasionally hit 67c but usually it sits at 65c. There shouldnt be any risk for damage to your card but just be aware of any risk regardless how minor it is. Happy for you. Get Amplified with the ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 30 Series based on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture. And since you say nothing is special, is that because it all comes down to the GPU itself that is used on the card? In the end you should set the volate to a value, test it with stress test-software, if it works possibly lower it a bit more and so on. LTT bilibili channel hits a million subs. The average voltage was around 960 mV. All of these are practical tests in a closed case with pleasant but appropriate regulation of the case fans in an insulated case. Also my 3090 is on water and is around 30c at 0.7v, if you are on air is not going to hit it. Build is R7 5700x (stock settings) + 3070 aorus master + 16GB 3200mhz on a B450 msi carbon ac wifi.